Sensors & Panic Buttons 

Peace of mind for care providers and family members

The Safehouse home unit 

The Safehouse home unit monitors for Power failure,  Humidity, Temperature and has the ability to listen for Fire alarms, Carbon Dioxide alarms and Smoke & Heat detectors.


The Unit connects to the LoRa network and does not need wifi to set-up. Carers can be also notified not only for emergency situations, but also when batteries need to be replaced. 

The data collected includes temperature, humidity, electricity, motion light, noise levels and audio Alarms 

Personal Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be personally worn with a lanyard or clipped onto a persons clothing and run off Bluetooth Low Energy 

Personal Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons can also be attached to surfaces around the home in the event of a fall or if the user is not wearing it personally. 

USB environmental sensor 

The Safehouse USB is an all-in-one environmental sensor that can simply be connected to a USB plug/socket and can connect through the Safehouse Home Unit via bluetooth 

The data collected includes temperature, humidity, CO2, motion light, noise, voc's and air pressure 

Safehouse Compact 

Our compact can an be attached around the property to monitor regular activity and changes in behavioural patterns in addition to environmental conditions. 

The data collected includes temperature, humidity, doors open or closed, motion light, 

Registered Carer Membership 

Once registered with any of the Safehouse products the responsibility of care can then be allocated to a number of people ranging from family members to Social Services and Care Workers.

The Safehouse membership number can be distributed to those who hold the key to an individuals care and specific care plans within Viper (SaaS) and the Safehouse mobile App. 

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