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Safehouse is a compact device (7 x 7 x 3 cm)  that monitors power failure, temperature and humidity.  Safehouse also has the ability to listen for alarms. It can be programmed to listen for fire alarms, carbon dioxide alarms and smoke & heat detectors.  Users can be notified not only for emergency situations, but also when batteries need to be replaced.

An additional 8 sensors can connect locally to Safehouse using Bluetooth Low Energy. Examples include fridge temperature, door opening and external temperature sensors. Panic buttons are frequently requested and they also use one of the Bluetooth Low Energy connections.  The Safehouse one can be clipped to clothing or worn with a lanyard.

Technical Specification


Safehouse operates at 5 volts, supplied via a mains plug transformer.


- Audio alarm detection 

- Power removal detection

- Power fail detection

- Humidity sensor

- Temperature sensor

- Real Time clock with battery

- Connects to a further 8 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices

Safehouse USB:

Safehouse USB is an all-in-one environmental sensor. This micro device can simply be connected to a USB plug/socket and can connect through the Safehouse unit as one of the available Bluetooth devices.


The USB can also connects via a data aggregator to our customer interface for larger deployments. Safehouse USB monitors:


- Temperature

- Humidity

- CO2

- Light

- Noise

- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

- Air Pressure.


The SaaS uses these measurements to create air quality and comfort indices.

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