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Safehouse is transforming the delivery of care provision and property maintenance.  The service is designed to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors in enabling healthier living by providing and improving care services and housing.


Safehouse integrates remote monitoring, data management and data analytics. Using our unique data concentrator, the LoRa (Long Range radio) network enables us to provide a cost effective service.  Mobile technology alternatives are prohibitively expensive when connecting a large number of sensors. The Safehouse approach, however is designed to handle the small amounts of data digital sensors produce efficiently and economically.

The information gathered by the Safehouse network of devices can be accessed and viewed on bespoke Smart Dashboards for monitoring large numbers of people and premises or through a mobile application for individuals to monitor one or a small number of users.

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Safehouse can design, install and maintain all the elements of the service – sensors, communications network, reporting and analysis – either using our off-the-shelf products or custom designed ones when required.

Local authorities, housing associations and care providers will be able to offer improved services to their residents, tenants and individuals. The dashboards can manage information from a range of connected devices and sensors for emergencies, events requiring less urgent attention and for monitoring of trends indicating developing problems.  The main application categories are:





Key Benefits of Safehouse

For individuals:

  • live independently for longer

  • more comfortable and healthy living conditions

  • better maintained homes

  • responsive and timely support from your carers and landlord

  • improved peace of mind that help is accessible in an emergency

  • shorter hospital stays.


For local authorities, landlords and care providers

  • enhanced care provision and management

  • improvements to population health, particularly for elderly and infirm

  • reduced care home admissions

  • accelerated hospital discharges

  • help prevent increased renovation costs due to property degradation

  • reduced cost of building maintenance and a better service

  • increased energy efficiency. 



  • low cost wireless comms, designed for IoT applications

  • high capacity, making it ideal for using with large numbers of people and properties

  • physically compact network elements, which are easy to install

  • many times less expensive network hardware (such as transmitters) than mobile telecoms alternatives

  • capable of working with a comprehensive range sensors.

If you are delivering health, social care or building maintenance services, contact our team to find out how Safehouse can help you deliver better services to your tenants or individuals under your care.


If you are interested in our services, then please get in touch.  We will be very happy to come and discuss your needs and tailor a solution to match your requirements.

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