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Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd - Procurement Policy


At Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd we take social and environmental factors into consideration alongside financial factors in making decisions on the purchase of goods and the commissioning of services.

Our purchasing decisions should where practicably consider whole life cost and the associated risks and implications for society and the environment. Procurement can make a significant contribution to our goals of sustainable economic development and resource minimisation by ensuring that the goods and services we buy consider optimum environmental performance.

Our process also has a role to play in minimising any risk of social exploitation within the supply chain. We believe that this not only makes business sense, it also has the potential to improve the living and working standards of people around the world.

This policy clarifies the expectation that our staff and suppliers must have a natural respect for our ethical standards in the context of their own particular culture and that relationships with our suppliers are based on the principle of fair and honest dealings at all times. The same principle of fair and honest dealings must be extended to all others with whom our suppliers do business, including employees, sub-contractors and other third parties and their local communities.

Our Policy

Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd’s ethical supply chain policy requires that the ethical issues and social responsibility within supply chains are understood and addressed when managing business to business supplier relationships and through the purchasing of goods and services from our suppliers.

Upholding the principles of this policy is a shared responsibility between Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd and our suppliers and the policy will be adopted at senior and director level within the company.

We expect our suppliers to assign and accept similar responsibility.


Sustainable Procurement

Our sustainability objective is to ensure continuous improvement in procurement decisions are made against delivering sustainable and ethical trading.

We seek to avoid adverse social and environmental impact in the supply-chain, the reduction of environmental impact from service operations and the purchase of products that meet recognised environmental standards.

Ethical Procurement

Our ethical objective is to ensure that people in the supply-chain are treated with respect and have rights with regard to employment including the rights to freely choose employment, freedom of association, payment of a living wage, working hours that comply with national laws, equal opportunities, recognised employment relationship, freedom from intimidation and to a safe and healthy working environment.

We require materials and products supplied to be REACH compliant and free from Conflict minerals.

We also require suppliers to comply with their National Laws in respect of;


Health and safety at work.

Employment law including;


minimum working age, discrimination in respect of race, gender, religion, disability, harassment and bullying etc.

Procurement process

  • We will use our purchasing power, where practicable, to influence and encourage suppliers to create a more reliable market for environmentally and ethically produced products and services.

  • Environmental and social factors shall be considered in the purchasing process. Specifically this includes considering what the product is made from, the product durability, where it is made and by whom, the efficiency of the product during use and the processes involved in its production and distribution, what the disposal requirements are and if it can be reused or recycled.

Responsibility and Authority

  • Responsibility for adherence to this policy rests with the Board of Directors

  • Directors are responsible for implementing the policy in the everyday activities of their relevant departments.

  • Managers are responsible for implementing the policy in the everyday activities of their operations.