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Safehouse App

The Safehouse app enables those responsible for an individual’s care, to receive notifications and alerts instantly on smart phones and tablets.

The app displays the data collected from Safehouse sensors and connected devices, such as the temperature and humidity.  If an individual is receiving care or wishes to have this extra layer of security in their lives, then Safehouse can be used by their friends and family or professional care workers.  Safehouse has been specifically designed to monitor an individual's Well-being, Environment and Security.  

For example, if the temperature falls below 15 degrees the Safehouse will send an alert via the app. A low temperature could be a problem in itself or an indication that the person is in trouble and needs assistance.

App Features:

- free to use for professional carers, family members and friends

- easy to use and understand

- instant notifications for alarms  (includes a link to the location of the triggered device)

- secure group chat function for communication regarding a individual client

- connects a reduced dashboard view of device data

- includes a section to upload care plans and daily tasks

- available of iOS (Apple phones and tablets)

- available on Android (Google phones and tablets)

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