Modern Slavery Act

Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd - Modern Slavery Act

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“act”) was introduced to help eradicate slavery, forced labour and human trafficking in the operations and supply chains of companies. This statement is made pursuant to Section 54, Part 6 of the act and includes information about Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd, our own operations and supply chains, and how we are approaching the eradication of slavery and human trafficking within our business.

Our commitment

Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd is committed to preventing and mitigating exploitation, bribery and corruption. We will not accept modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking anywhere within our operations or supply chain. Our commitment is set out in further detail in our Modern Slavery policy.

What we do

We deliver IoT services and solutions to enable people to live independently in their own homes for longer and to monitor the environmental conditions of properties. Our work is UK wide, providing services and support to Local Authorities, Government Agencies, Housing Associations, universities, other national institutions and the general public.

Our operations

With a small number of direct employees, we are confident that our own operations are free of modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking. Our staff work under comparable terms and conditions that are in accordance with UK employment law and adhere to the published Living Wage as a minimum.

We have a range of employment policies in place which ensure that our employees are fairly treated, supported, remunerated, and understand the behaviour expected by the organisation. These are detailed in our HR Policy Manual.

Supply chains and risk areas

The suppliers we use are primarily EU based.

We contract with a range of suppliers, from large international IT organisations to local companies. Companies providing manual or lower skilled workers to provide services are likely to be at greater risk of exploitation. Awareness raising amongst our employees is key to ensuring that these risk areas are recognised, and employees know what to do if they become aware of any concern associated with exploitation.

Due diligence

As part of our approach to maintaining a supply chain that is free of modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, we require all commercial organisations to confirm they have an anti-slavery statement.

Where such a statement does not exist (for example, where the bidder does not meet the act’s criteria for a statement to be produced), we require a statement from the bidder confirming that it is committed to and acts according to the moral principles of the act.

Through our standard contract we require suppliers to report any breach or suspected breach of the act associated with our contract to us immediately. We reserve our rights to terminate contracts with suppliers in the event that there is evidence of non-compliance with the act.

Modern Slavery Act