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The Safehouse Home package is aimed at residents living in their own homes at a later age. This solution enables family members and friends to monitor the well-being of those close to them when it is required the most.

Homes can be fitted with easy to install sensors that do not require a professional installation. Residents and those with a duty of care, can choose the sensors they would like and any alarms they would like generated from them. This particular service offering can grow as the residents' needs grow.

Initially residents will be offered the main Safehouse unit and a personal alarm button. Family members and friends will be able to download the Safehouse mobile application free of charge and receive the environmental monitoring data generated by Safehouse unit along any alarms generated by the personal alarm button in real time. As the needs of the residents grow, they will be offered devices such as door/window sensors, fall detectors, gas/electricity meters, and voice assistants.

For more information about this package, please contact a member of our team at info@safehouse.technology.

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