How do we help Individuals living at home ?

Safehouse is ideal for family members who wish to have an additional services to help monitor those under their care. Our home care package has been designed to reduce anxiety resulting from not having regular access to loved ones.


By using Viper (SaaS), all those involved in an individual’s care will be able to view the environmental conditions within resident rooms such as the temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, light levels, noise levels and general air quality of the property. As well as the environmental readings, app users will be able to see how often family members have been visited by carers and friends and able to monitor their daily activity, creating greater awareness of their well-being.

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All the equipment arrives preconfigured in a single ‘plug and play’ package, where all the sensors and devices are geospatially tagged, allocated to a room or service user, and labelled ready for installation.


Installation does not require a physical engineer; the devices simply plug into main power sockets, or indeed use strong adhesive pads.


Carers and family alike are be able to remotely monitor the internal conditions of the property by using the Viper (SaaS) dashboard 


Sometimes the most simplest thing is knowing that your loved one is safe and at home or being able to spot anomaly's in their behavioural patterns. By using Safehouse Compact you can monitor motion and door activity. 

In addition to tracking personal activity you can also be reassured that Carers, family members and even friend have visited when scheduled for extra peace of mind.  


Panic buttons can be personally worn with a lanyard or clipped onto clothing and run off Bluetooth Low Energy. In addition Panic Buttons can be attached to surfaces around the home in the event of a fall or if the user is not wearing their personal alarm.


Our Safehouse App and Viper (SaaS) gives you real time data 24/7 from the installed sensors and immediate notifications of alarms and changes in behavioural patterns. Anyone in a position of responsibility has access to the App and the internal messenger allows you to communicate with other carers, tracking visits and care plans. 

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