How can we help Housing Associations? 

Safehouse can help you to managing long term housing solutions at scale by giving landlords information on their properties they did not have before and helping them to understand what can be done,


Savings can be generated from the analysis of data and thus action can take place by landlords and tenants providing a platform to explore wider sensor projects benefiting Councils and local communities.

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Safehouse mobile phone app
Safehouse SaaS

All the equipment arrives preconfigured in a single ‘plug and play’ package, where all the sensors and devices are geospatially tagged, allocated to common areas and labelled ready for installation.


Installation does not require a physical engineer; the devices simply plug into main power sockets, or indeed use strong adhesive pads.


Facilities managers are able to remotely monitor the environmental conditions of buildings reducing compensation payments made out due to badly maintained buildings using the dashboard on the online customer portal.


Safehouse also help landlords to spot early signs of fuel poverty thus reducing impact on social services and NHS & protecting rental income

Readings Used: Temperature and Humidity


Properties often have predictable patterns of movement through the day and the week, and this can be used to determine uncharacteristic behaviour e.g. in non-residential properties the early hours of the morning. In addition, this can be used for Void monitoring.

Correlating the light measurements with motion provides another dimension on which to assess uncharacteristic behaviour. We have found an example where the movement at unusual times and low light in a non-residential property suggest cause for concern. Readings Used: Movement and Light


Through the monitoring of carbon dioxide, you are also able to detect possible overcrowding in buildings leading to personal discomfort of your tenants.

Readings Used: C02, Motion


One of our aims is to use our technology to replace regular fire alarm tests or for integration into emergency response teams. Moving forward greater transparency and increased sharing of data can improve accuracy. 

Readings Used: Audio Sensor


The sensors distinguish between power outage and loss of power to the sensor warning Landlords of high number of power outages and allowing proactive behaviour in solving any electrical issues. Readings Used: Power on / Power Off 


Viper (SaaS) and the Safehouse App gives you real time data 24/7 from the installed sensors and immediate notifications of alarms the internal messenger allows you to communicate with facility managers for continued building support & regular maintenance checks. 

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