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Safehouse Dashboard

The Safehouse Dashboard gives Local Authorities and Care Providers valuable information in areas such as Health, Environmental Monitoring and Property Management. By having greater visibility through better and more timely data, public services can be improved, resulting in residents being able to live healthier and more independent lives.

The Dashboard enables you to see information for all your Safehouse installations:

  • the status of all your Safehouse units (on/off, any system problems)

  • details of their location

  • the output from every sensor, such as the temperature and humidity in a particular property or room

  • immediate problems, such as the the electricity has been off for a number of hours

  • changes with time or trends which could indicate developing problems, such as increasingly frequent conditions suitable for damp

The dashboard provides users with a range of analyses regarding the properties being monitored by Safehouse and its connected sensors.

All data captured is also available for download, and can be used to highlight "At Risk" properties regarding the following:

  • Damp & Mould

  • State Of Service

  • Fuel Poverty

  • Abnormal Behaviour

The latest features for the Safehouse dashboard are:

  • new sleek look and feel

  • faster cloud processing

  • improved visual aids

  • fully integrated with the latest Safehouse USB sensor

  • real time notifications

  • personalised alarm settings for each sensor

  • full control over management of users

  • available through both desktops and handheld devices

Our new home page has been designed to make it easier to find your Safehouse devices, using filters and categories.

Real time data is now displayed in both widgets and graphs, drawing on information collected from Safehouse sensors and outside weather data.

The redesigned alarms centre displays the most recent and highest priority notifications.

Each device can now have personalised alarm settings. Generated alarms are sent to both the dashboard and the App.

To request a demonstration of the dashboard, please contact our team on

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