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If you are looking at this website due to COVID19 also known as the Coronavirus, that means that you or someone under your care has received a Safehouse Package, that has been installed by Riverside Housing in Liverpool.

The reason that you or a person under your care has a Safehouse Package is because you (or the person under your care) have been identified by Liverpool City Council as requiring support at home.

The Safehouse package enables those closest or even responsible for an individual, to start communicating about the health and well-being of the people they care for using environmental monitoring sensors, panic buttons and a mobile application.

If you are the person receiving care, then follow these steps:

1. Identify those who care for you, whether that be family members, friends or professional carers.

2. Ask these people to download the Safehouse App onto their mobile phones, by visiting this website.

Once the people you care for have the Safehouse App on their mobile phones, you will need to provide them with the Safehouse ID (Clubcard) in your Safehouse Packge, that was installed by Riverside Housing.

If you are caring for someone who has a Safehouse Package, follow these steps:


1. Download the Safehouse App here,

Google Play Store
App Store

2. Create an App account using you email address and by creating a password that is a minimum of 8 characters in length, and contains at least one capitol letter, one number, and one special character e.g. +,= or @.

3. Once your account is setup and you have signed into the app, ask the person you are caring for, for their Safehouse ID (Clubcard) that was included in the package delivered by Riverside Housing.


4. Now within the app, press the 'Add Person to Care For' button which is in the top right hand corner of the screen on the home page. Enter the service user's details along with the Safehouse ID number.

5. You should now see the service user's profile displayed on your mobile phone. Now you can use the chat function to communicate with other carers. By using the app you will now receive alerts if the service user presses the Panic Button (if they have one) and you will be able to see the environmental readings of the property.

If you have difficulty with any of the above, please email

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