Safehouse Products in development. 


Safehouse Ai 

Safehouse AI is currently in development and is expected to be commercially available Q4 2020.


Safehouse AI will be a mains powered device designed to monitor falls within the home. This non-wearable device uses the latest artificial intelligence to monitor the body positions of individuals, along with their velocity (speed and direction).

This device will be sold as part of a package, where each room in the house will be monitored by a Safehouse AI device. The device is non-invasive and therefore unable to distinguish / recognise individuals.

All alerts and information collected will be available through Safehouse Viper (SaaS) services, the Safehouse mobile App


Safehouse Door 

Safehouse Door is currently in development and is expected to be commercially available Q3 2020.

It will be a battery powered BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device designed to monitor all types of doors in buildings.

The Safehouse Door will be sold as part of a package, either in conjunction with the Safehouse Hub, or as part of the Enterprise package which uses a high data capacity aggregator for larger scale deployments. This device will operate on a 24/7 basis.

Technical Specification

Sensors and Features: 

- Door Status (open / closed)

- Door Usage (number of opening / closes)

- Interfaces with the Safehouse Dashboard, Safehouse App, and the Safehouse API

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