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Our aim is to improve care for individuals who require support to live independently, and to monitor their environmental conditions such as damp and temperature. Safehouse can improve the health and well-being of vulnerable people particularly when used in conjunction with public services, care providers, landlords and local communities. As well as benefiting individuals, the service reduces the costs of providing good quality care and well maintained homes.

Our sensors monitor the environment in homes, offices and other premises.  The Safehouse system can include alarm buttons and other sensors to help people live independently for longer.  Safehouse provides infrastructure, sensors, cloud services and software for monitoring and analysis. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT) service.  The main applications are health, well-being and the living environment. See case study for more detail.

The service informs those responsible for care and maintenance about the environmental conditions inside properties.  A Safehouse app is available as an enhancement, which allows carers, relatives and friends to see the conditions people are living in and the care they are receiving.

Organisational clients have access to a dashboard to monitor multiple users and premises.  The dashboard includes graphs and analyses to see trends and changes over time, which are helpful, for example, to housing associations to see when problems are developing.

If you are part of an organisation and would like to use Safehouse to support care provision or monitor your property, then press 'Organisation Login' in the menu above and request an Organisation account.  A member of our sales team will then contact you.


If you are looking at the site to start using our services to help care for an individual with the Safehouse app. please visit the customer portal in the menu above.

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